The Grapevine on Government Special Provincial Election Questionnaire: JOEL HIRTLE

The Grapevine on Government Special Provincial Election Questionnaire: JOEL HIRTLE

By Emily Leeson & Emily Kathan 

We asked a series of questions to all the candidates from Hants West, Kings North, Kings South, Kings West, and Annapolis. We’ve printed a selection of these questions and answers in The Grapevine. Leading up to the election on May 30, we’ll be sharing online the entire questionnaire as completed by each candidate who took the time to do so.


The answers below were provided by: Joel Hirtle, Atlantica Party, Kings South


GV (The Grapevine): What strategies are being used by your campaign to engage potential voters, particularly in demographics with typically low voter turnout? Do you have specific strategies for engaging with youth?

Voter turn-out has been on a steady decline for some time now because of voter frustration with status-quo politics. The Atlantica part is a new party with a common sense approach to politics. We provide a real alternative to the three big parties. Part of our core platform is an outline for electoral reform and accountability of elected officials through MLA recalls.


GV: What are you doing to support and attract young families living and working in rural Nova Scotia?

Young families need jobs and a future for their families. To get jobs you need to attract business. The Atlantica Party will remove all business income tax as incentive for businesses to take root in the province. We have also released a budget that will produce a surplus allowing families to be taxed less, letting them spend their own money on themselves where they will get a better value for their dollar.

GV: Will you have time to attend Apple Blossom Festival events this year? What’s your favourite event?

I always take some time for Apple Blossom with my family. Our favourite event is the fireworks on the hill with a blanket and some snacks.