Dinner Out: Applewoods Restaurant

Dinner Out: Applewoods Restaurant


By Scott Campbell


Applewoods restaurant made its appearance a little over 6 months ago in New Minas (at 5494 Prospect Road – next to the Forbes Kia dealership). From that time it has proven itself to be a fantastic family dining destination. They feature creative daily specials and have an extensive menu with plenty of variety to suit every taste. But what I want to talk about today is chicken wings. Lots and lots of chicken wings. Now, we can all agree that chicken wings are not anything new. But Applewoods has taken them to a whole new level in the Valley.

Every Thursday night, from 6pm to 9pm, you can order a pound of chicken wings for $6. Not only is that an awesome deal but… are you ready… you can choose from over 25 different flavours of sauce in which to drench your chicken wings. And to further whet your appetite (and curiosity) owners Jessica Newell and Rick Primrose have hinted that there may soon be even more chicken wing flavours to choose from. For now, you can try enticing flavours with names like Zydeco, Island Mist, Ginger Bee Wings, Island Jamm’in Wings, Slow Fire, and China Town to name just the few that we tried at my table. The flavours varied from hot and spicy to sweet with unique combinations and permutations. Some we tried had a smooth curry flavour while some were tangy with an Asian flare.  You can have your wings tossed in sauce or get a small cup of sauce on the side. We opted to try ours on the side so we could all try each other’s and look for a favourite. If I had to pick – from the ones we tried – I’d have to give a nod to Island Mist with its exotic pineapple curry and sweet & sour combo. Amazing.

There may be a line-up at 6pm but don’t worry – there’s plenty of wings for everyone. But it’s only for three hours and you can only get this incredible deal and incredible selection of chicken wing flavours on Thursdays. I hope to see you there. Cheers.

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