The Art Spot: Maud Arthur Herbert

The Art Spot: Maud Arthur Herbert

Maud’s work is currently on display at the Wolfville Memorial Library at 21 Elm Avenue. Check for open hours.


WHO: My name is Maud Arthur Herbert. I have spent a lot of my life travelling and exploring, trying to find my place in the world. I am a mother of two amazing kids, and two equally amazing step-kids. I have always been creatively inclined, but recently I’ve been taking advantage of any rare opportunities of ‘kid-free’ time to work on my painting.

WHAT: I mostly work with Acrylic paint on canvas and my style is Abstract.  This has all just happened organically, as I felt the need for a creative outlet and have always wanted to experiment more with painting.

WHERE: I usually paint in the basement laundry room. I don’t have a dedicated studio space, so I just paint when and where I can.

WHEN: I am home with two young children 24 hours/day, so I paint whenever I might have a moment of kid-free time!  My husband, Richard, helps these moments to materialize and it’s amazing what a little bit of creative time can do for my psyche. I used to spend most of my spare time writing, so I always considered myself a writer. But I’ve always loved creating and I guess just spending time painting has allowed me to consider myself an artist as well. I think most of us are, in one way or another.

WHY: Art is an incredible outlet for me. I have always felt the need to write, draw, paint… it’s just part of who I am. It keeps me grounded and balanced and keeps me true to myself. The Annapolis Valley has been my home for the past six years and I can’t imagine a better place to call home, or a more inspiring place to create.