The Art Spot: Marla Benton

The Art Spot: Marla Benton

Marla Benton is a clay artist. Her work is currently on display in the Annapolis Valley as Uncommon Common Art Stop #19, located along the Berwick Rail/Trail head, in front of the Berwick Fruit Building, directly across from the garden bed. The installation piece is called “Text Me” and it is sponsored by The Grapevine. As an alternative to a cellphone text message, this piece beckons you to stop, touch, turn, and create a poetic message. The words allow you to reflect on your thoughts and take in your surroundings as you continue on your adventure. Messages will be read and contemplated by those who follow.

WHO: I am an artist, a teacher, a mother and a wife. We live in Mahone Bay, NS. We balance our life with paddling trips and biking adventures. My daughter and I dig and play in the garden when we can’t be playing with clay.

WHAT: I have been exposed to many different materials. I have found that clay was a perfect fit as I love to be practical and fanciful at the same time. From functional, to sculptural, to installation pieces, my style changes with inspiration. I confirmed my love for clay when I was transferring from the Ontario College of Art and Design to the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

WHERE: I have a small studio in my house. I sell through different galleries and shops. The Harvest Gallery in Wolfville,The Designer Shop in Halifax, and Suttles & Seawinds and The Biscuit Eater in Mahone Bay. I also sell online through my website and on an Etsy page.

WHEN: I have always loved creating art, going back as far as I can remember.  It was in high school that I considered myself an artist and decided that I needed to go to Art school. I work on my art whenever I can. I am constantly juggling all aspects of my life, trying to make more time in my studio.

WHY: Why art – I have a need to create and make things. It makes me so happy! I get inspired from so many different aspects of my life. I make what I love and can’t seem to settle on one style or one form. I call myself a clay artist, as I switch back and forth between functional and sculptural. Why NS – I moved here from Ontario to attend NSCAD back in 1998. After graduating, I kept roaming around traveling and working, but I always kept finding reasons to come back to NS. Finally one day, I met a guy, bought a house, got married, had a baby, and I haven’t left!

@marla.benton (Instagram)