The Art Spot: Jamie Robertson

The Art Spot: Jamie Robertson

Jamie Robertson’s photographs are currently on display at the Wolfville Memorial Library. For open hours, check To contact Jamie directly, email


 I am a geologist and landscape photographer living in Grand Pré. In my career as a mineral exploration geologist, I had a great opportunity to travel widely in remote areas of Canada and the world. This triggered my passion for landscape photography, and often flying in helicopters and small planes allowed me to photograph these wilderness landscapes from the air.


It is the renowned nature photographer Freeman Patterson (an Acadia U. graduate) who most influenced my style of photography, particularly on visual design. I studied with Freeman in courses and workshops (even a week in Eleuthera), and read and reread his books on photography. Over the years I continued to attend exhibits and workshops by great photographers (an outstanding workshop was with Frans Lanting, the National Geographic photographer). After retiring, I missed doing aerial photography, but then I saw Paul Illsley’s drone photographs of this area. I’m now on my third quadcopter, a DJI Phantom 3 Pro, which has a built-in camera for photographs and video, stabilized with a gimbal. It allows me great freedom to photograph scenic landscapes from any perspective, high and low.

WHERE: Where do you work & where can we find your work?

You don’t have to travel to do photography; you can make great photographs in your own backyard. I do most of my photography close to home in Grand Pré and Gaspereau Valley with their photogenic dykelands, tides, farms and vineyards. I am also passionate about historical photography of this area. Many of my photographs and historical photos are posted on the Grand Pré Trails Society’s facebook page and printed in their recent book The Landscapes of Grand Pré, Maps, Images, Past and Present. Some of the videos are on Vimeo.


After working with Freeman, I recognized how important visual design is in photography. Since lighting is most important, I get up at sunrise when the light is soft and air is clear. It’s hard to fly a drone in the wind, so usually it is calmer in early morning.


The Annapolis Valley has one of the most scenic landscapes in the world. It’s not just the beauty, but its incredible history too. Even UNESCO recognizes Grand Pré as a World Heritage Site for its cultural landscape.