Featurepreneur: We All Scream for June’s Ice Cream!

Featurepreneur: We All Scream for June’s Ice Cream!

By Genevieve Allen Hearn

How better to spend the lazy, hazy final month of summer than by the seaside with an ice cream? June Granger opened her ice cream shop, i scream, last year and is in full swing this summer. Located on Main Street in Canning, her shop transports you to the 1940s with a large inviting counter, jars filled with candy and sweets, and colorful bunting hanging in the window.

The Grapevine chatted with June about her new business full of sweet things and happiness!

The Grapevine (GV): What inspired you to start an ice cream parlour?

June Granger (JG): I loved the idea of starting a business that would make people happy, ice cream makes people happy.  It was also about combining my skills with my passion, and my passion is spreading “happy.”  “Spreading happy one ice cream cone at a time” is my tag line and happiness is something that creates a ripple effect and can be passed on easily – either by a smile, a word, or a gesture. I had worked in public relations, marketing, and tourism for over 20 years, so the “people” side of the business was also another draw to going into retail.

GV: Is there anything special about the location you chose?

JG: The location of i scream was primarily because I live above my shop.  I really liked the idea of living & working in the same location. As well, Canning is a vibrant little Village with much to offer. Its Main Street is coming alive with new businesses and we’re surrounded by natural beauty – what could be better?

GV: Describe a perfect summer day in Canning… what should visitors do?

JG: Canning is uniquely situated near Cape Split, Scot’s Bay, Blomidon, and Kingsport. Visitors can get anything they need in Canning to be able to enjoy a hike, a picnic, a beach day, outdoor theatre, or just a stroll through the Village. We basically have everything you would need in 1km.

GV: Tell us about your ice cream.

JG: They are from Scotsburn and Farmers. I switch up my flavours every week to encourage people to try something different. My soft ice cream is real ice cream, not SoftServe which is used by some larger outlets (a lot of SoftServe is just powder with water added). You can totally taste the difference.

GV: What advice would you give others starting their own business in the Valley?

JG: My best piece of advice is to not be afraid to ask questions, especially from current business owners. They don’t have to be in the same business as you, but you sure can gain some much needed insight into a variety of avenues that you may never have thought of yourself. Also, being creative, flexible and open-minded are key. Business is like an ever-changing, always evolving entity that is full of surprises (both good & bad). Being able to navigate through that requires an innovative thought process, especially in a rural environment. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to have some fun and enjoy the process. Try not to let small setbacks take away from the original reason you went into business.

Don’t let the summer pass you by without trying one of June’s ice creams! The shop is open 1pm – 8:30pm every day, and is located on 9383 Main Street, Canning.