Back to School Cookie Exchange

Back to School Cookie Exchange

By Laura Churchill Duke

If you ask most parents what they hate the most about the back to school routine, it’s making school lunches. The drudgery of wondering if your kid will eat what you send, and how to make it new and interesting, not to mention healthy, every day.

To make things a bit easier, for the past several years, my friends and I have had a back to school cookie exchange.

Think about your traditional cookie exchange, except, who really needs to eat that many cookies at Christmas time? It’s way more helpful to have them for school lunches!

Here’s how to host your own back to school cookie exchange:

– Make a confirmed list of guests.

– Tell each guest to bake 6 cookies for each person who is coming to the party (including themselves). Make sure they are nut free.

– Put cookies in a ziplock bag, 6 per bag.

– We then gather, have snacks and a visit, laying the cookies around the table. – Each guest walks around the table taking a bag of each kind of cookie (including one of their own).

– Go home with a bagful of cookies to put in the freezer, and pull out when you need an easy addition to your school lunch!

– It’s that easy, and a great way to get together with a group of women right before school goes back in!

More details can be found on the Valley Family Fun blog:
Happy school lunch times!