Mike Uncorked: The Li’s Wok and Grill Experience

Mike Uncorked: The Li’s Wok and Grill Experience
By Mike Butler

There are some very positive perks to being kind of known here in Wolfville. Yes, I dabble in some theatre and work in a very busy café where I schmooze with lots of people, but I think it’s my Grapevine work that puts me on the map here in the valley. This “little” community paper has taken me to wonderful places and introduced me to amazing people, and most times with no effort on my part: those places and people have come to me.

There was many a time I ate at the Front Street Café in Wolfville, and the other diners and restaurants it was before and after that. I’ve always had a pleasant experience at each and was certainly excited when approached by the new owners of Li’s Wok and Grill to come and try their authentic Chinese cuisine and review it here in the Grapevine. Located at 112 Front Street, this charming eatery serves Chinese cuisine, Canadian cuisine and ALL-DAY BREAKFAST (my favourite meal!). As well, they deliver, for free, within Wolfville town limits! Do I even need to go on? Well, I will anyway!

All I can say is that I love having access to another diverse dining option! With a heavy flow of international traffic, it’s wonderful to have Korean, Italian, Mediterranean, Chinese, Indian, and many other food choices. It makes Wolfville so worldly and hip. Bravo! Here’s my little assessment of the Li’s Wok and Grill experience.

Atmosphere: This quaint little restaurant has everything I like about eating experiences: privacy without being in separate rooms, quiet without feeling like you’re sitting in a doctor’s office, enough décor and things to look at without feeling like your trapped in the basement of the Antique Roadshow. It was moderately busy for a Friday night with friendly couples, idle chitchat, sounds of enjoyment, and a pleasant decorating scheme that wasn’t offensive to the eyes and didn’t get in the way of my eating. There’s nothing like too much stuff on my table!One set of Acadia Athletes called themselves “Regulars” and said they have been loyal because of the great food and terrific service: they were correct!

Food: Within minutes of ordering, we had hot spring rolls on the table, and not too long after that, our main dishes arrived. We had the chef, the owners, and the wait staff all approach us asking how things were, which was a really nice touch. The food was hot, very tasty, and plentiful! The price was mind-bogglingly affordable and Ian and I left with seven take out containers with a little bit of each of our dishes. For a “starving student”, Li’s is a no-brainer because of the leftovers and the quality of food you get for your dollar. My top picks: the honey chili chicken, the ginger beef, the spring rolls, the yellow curry chicken, and you have to save room (but good luck) for the homemade bread pudding!! They also have group dinner rates that make it even more affordable. The portions were copious, the flavours were incredible, and the presentation was very professional and fun!

Service: The staff were on fire from the time we entered until we left and it was quite comforting and pleasant. The smiles, the recommendations, the added touches of the kitchen staff and owners taking the time to greet and chat with patrons, and the wait staff going out of their way to assist without pestering were all a wonderful treat to enjoyed by us and the other diners.

I have to say, this will not be the last time Ian and I dine at Li’s Wok & Grill. We actually had to talk ourselves out of going back the very next night! (good thing we had leftovers!) For someone looking for Canadian cuisine favourites (soups, salads, burgers, sandwiches), or the all-day breakfast of champions, or very tasty authentic Chinese cuisine; Li’s Wok & Grill is a must-visit restaurant. What a nice addition to our town for the students, visiting parents, tourists, and locals. This still very full Grapevine writer highly recommends Li’s and wishes them all the best with their eating establishment! Li’s Wok & Grill was a wonderful tasty adventure!