Who’s Who: Three Cheers for Chris Cunningham!

Who’s Who: Three Cheers for Chris Cunningham!

Mike Butler


Have you heard of the Integrity Cheer Empire or ICE, for short? Well, ICE is one of the coolest all-star cheerleading organizations around, and I feel so fortunate to tell you about one of ICE’s main cheerpersons, Chris Cunningham.


Chris Cunningham is originally from Halifax, NS, but has spent the last six years of his life working in Toronto as the program director for a large and well-known all-star cheerleading program called PCT or Power Cheer Toronto. “I had many positive experiences with this program, including being named the 2017 Junior ICU world champions.” Chris says, “I have recently relocated to the Annapolis Valley with my partner and our four dogs, to help build up and run Integrity Cheer Empire or ICE All-Stars, located in Windsor, NS.”


Chris began cheerleading when he was 14 and fell in love with the sport. “I loved operating in a team environment and loved being driven by my teammates, to achieve our common goals. I never really expected to become a full-time professional in my industry, frankly when I was younger it didn’t seem like an option.” says Chris, “I went to school for child studies and working with youth interested me, but then *wham* 13 years later, I am doing this full-time. I love the creativity that goes into designing a dynamic, high scoring routine. I love the competitive nature of our sport, the goal setting, and motivating young athletes to work towards a goal. As far as being a coach goes, I love to experiment with my practice plans and I like to try new ways to keep my athletes engaged. I think what is most special in my line of work is being someone that younger athletes can look to and share a special bond with while teaching them life lessons through their sport. There are three very influential people in my life: my best friend, my mom, and my first cheerleading coach, and without their guidance and support, I wouldn’t be here!”


Chris’s future is looking very routine, in the cheerleading sense, as he plans to train the Integrity Cheer Empire IOC5 team, made up of upper level athletes ranging in age, and to help them compete and earn a bid to the 2018 Cheerleading World Championships in Orlando. This team has never been awarded a bid, but I feel with Chris’s verve and passion, this goal is easily attainable.


If you are interested in joining Integrity Cheer Empire in Season 8 visit their Instagram, twitter, Facebook page or send Chris along an email chris@integritycheerempire.com, @integritycheerempire (instagram), @ICE_allstars



I want to wish Chris all the best as he cheers his way through attaining his goals and inspiring others.  GO CHRIS!!!!