Who’s Who:

By Mike Butler


Well, here we are. Another year of Who’s Who to look forward to. I love writing and sharing these profiles with the community. Happy New Year and enjoy all these fine folks!


I’m starting the year off with a pretty cool guy whom I’ve known for a few years now. He’s friendly, knowledgeable, environmentally-conscious, and a coffee drinker, to name just a few good points. He’s very well-known in the Valley but has never had the Who’s Who treatment, until now. Here is a businessman and all-around great gent Kyle Thompson.


Kyle Thompson grew up on the South Shore and relocated to this area in 1995 after both of his siblings went to Acadia. He says, “I was happy to relocate to the Valley in my teenage years. The friendly people, picturesque beauty, all the roads to explore and mountain bike trails, the Valley is an easy place to fall in love with because of these and so many other reasons. When I ran Kentville Bike Shop for Ken Eastman with Colin Banks, I met a network of great people who showed me everything about the Valley, and from there I realized this is where I want to stay and raise my family.”


Kyle feels very blessed to call this place home, even though his wife has opened his eyes to travelling the world. They left Nova Scotia for a few years to travel and live in different areas, stopping in places such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Mexico, and Iceland, as well as other parts of Canada, before returning home to put down some roots and raise their daughter here. Kyle is the owner of Earth Energy Contracting Inc. located here in Wolfville. His business has been serving customers for years and they’re not shy about singing his praises.


He attended NSCC and Vancouver Island University where he studied green building and renewable energies. “I learned how to audit homes and businesses to advise them about how to create the most efficient atmosphere with the least amount of power draw,” he says. “My business specializes in offering our clients the most sustainable ways to do construction and renovations. Some examples include concrete in-floor heating, acid-etched to look like marble floors, and 75-year roofing materials. We can help achieve thermal mass properties in just about any home. I always appreciate having conversations about sustainability. Helping us help our planet should be on everyone’s mind. I’d love to tackle adobe, concrete, straw bale homes and more.”


Kyle started his first construction job when he was 14 years old and it sparked his interest in building and creating beautiful, sustainable living spaces. New construction, renovations, and projects big and small are always on Kyle’s radar and he’s fearless in the jobs he tackles.  “I’ve now been running my own business for over 20 years,” he says, “and with this much experience under my belt, I enjoy educating others in the field of construction, and I consider myself to be a darn good problem solver. I can also fix just about anything, and if I cannot, I surely will know who can.”


Most people who have hired Earth Energy Contracting were told about them through word-of-mouth, which has led to a solid base of repeat clients and referrals. The only advertising Kyle has ever done has been through business cards so that alone proves that his hard work and skills have paid off. Small businesses trying to make a difference in our community and beyond are very important to Kyle and me as well so hopefully, this little piece in *The Grapevine* will also send some clients his way. If you have any questions about renovations or new construction projects and want Kyle’s input and expertise, don’t hesitate to call Earth Energy Contracting Inc. at 902-309-9065 or email Kyle at thompson_designercc@yahoo.ca. You can also reach Earth Energy Contracting Inc. through their Facebook page.


Kyle feels positive about the future of his business and their motivations, which stem from his family: “My father was one of my greatest mentors in life, and taught me about architecture, construction, and outdoor survival skills. My grandfather Ernest Thompson retired in Yarmouth, but originally lived in Halifax. He was a Navy Captain and he actually worked on the Bluenose with Angus Walters. I still have relatives building boats to this day down in Pubnico and Yarmouth. I come from a family of truly skilled craftsman and their hard work is a constant inspiration to me.”


To Kyle and Earth Energy Contracting: a prosperous new year to you both.