Valley Family Fun: Eagle Watching with Kids

Valley Family Fun:
Eagle Watching with Kids

By Laura Churchill Duke


It’s almost eagle watching time! This is a great event to take your kids to, as well! However, just be careful, because when my friend told her son they were going to see the eagles, he asked if they were going to sing “Peaceful, Easy Feeling”.


Well, maybe not those eagles.


This is a great introduction to bird watching for kids. Because they are fed by the farmers, the birds are attracted to the area, and so there are no long periods of waiting and hoping you might see one. The birds are usually quick and easy to spot.


Before going, find YouTube videos about bald eagles or check out some books from the library to learn more. This is a great educational opportunity. As you are driving there, try playing counting games to see how many you can spot!


When you go, find a safe spot to park along the side of the road near the designated viewing places. Bring a pair of binoculars – it’s better to have one pair per child to avoid the arguments!


Dress warmly and encourage children to be patient and to wait as quietly as they possibly can!


When you are finished stop into the community centre in Sheffield Mills to check out the displays or have breakfast or lunch at one of the community centres or churches.


Eagle watching is great for all ages. Besides, you are also outside getting some fresh air, away from screens!



Eagle Watch 2018:
January 27 and 28, February 3 and 4.