Amanda Dainow & the Singing Nettles Herbal Clinic

Amanda Dainow
& the Singing Nettles Herbal Clinic

By Mike Butler


Some of my favourite articles that I write are about people, places, and businesses that I didn’t know about prior to writing about them. These articles put me in touch with the most interesting people — just like Amanda Dainow!


Amanda is a clinical herbalist and founded Singing Nettles Herbal Clinic in Kings County in 2011. She is a co-founder and the president of North Mountain Animal Sanctuary and has facilitated the Wolfville Plant Walks as a fundraiser for North Mountain Animal Sanctuary for five years. Amanda offers consultations for people and animals, and classes and apprenticeships, all on the pristine North Mountain, in a natural, forested setting.


Amanda has been studying, making, and using herbal medicine for 14 years. She offers public workshops on herbal medicine and natural care for animals and she has a full dispensary of the highest quality organic herbal medicine — such a unique thing to have in our area. Amanda has successfully used herbal medicine, homeopathy and flower essences with companion animals for a number of years, and finds them to be safe, reliable, affordable and accessible methods of treating animal ailments.


In addition to a 4-year degree in clinical herbal medicine, Amanda has continued her education through courses in herbal medicine with a number of local herbalists and professional workshops. She has a background in environmental sciences and has always felt an incredible commitment to the environment and animals. She loves spending time with plants and animals, and seeing the rewarding result of giving love, patience, and appropriate treatment to animals who come from negative situations is truly the greatest gift to stem from this line of work. She has genuine compassion and commitment to improving the health of people and animals alike. Amanda applies an honest, ethical approach to patient health care that puts the client first.


Amanda is a natural teacher, providing clear, concise information that is beneficial and easy to understand. Amanda represents a higher standard of natural health care, where safe, effective natural health care is a priority. She integrates her skills and donates her time in her role as director of North Mountain Animal Sanctuary, a registered charity for abused, neglected, and unwanted farm animals. Through this position, Amanda has extensive experience effectively addressing both acute and chronic health issues with animals. Amanda also has certification in holistic care for companion animals.


Do you want to try a more natural approach to animal healthcare? Do you have questions or concerns about your animal’s well-being or your own? You can reach Amanda at or the websites:, or by calling 902-538-3662. Also, through facebook: Singing Nettles Herbal Medicine Clinic or the North Mountain Animal Sanctuary.