Why See A Yoga Therapist?

Why See A Yoga Therapist?
By Loreen Keddy

Yoga is already well-known for its many health benefits, but have you heard about the emerging field of yoga therapy? Yoga therapy is a whole-body approach to healing that often has amazing results. Here is why you should consider seeing a yoga therapist as part of your wellness goals.

1) Move better, feel better
Your patterns of movement are influenced by your daily life, activities, age, and your health. It is these patterns that can lead to dysfunction and physical weakness, and manifest as pain, tingling, and tightness in your body. Yoga therapy can help you discover new patterns of movement that will allow your body and brain to communicate and facilitate healing.

2) Injury Recovery
Whether you are recovering from surgery or a recent or recurring injury, working with a yoga therapist can be extremely helpful. You will learn the language of your body, how to tell when you are pushing too far, and how to work in your pain-free range of motion, reducing pain and improving that range over time. Yoga therapy can evolve from rehabilitation to fitness (building awareness along the way).

3) Increase Vitality and Restore Balance
Maybe you feel like you are missing out on your favorite activities because your body doesn’t move the way it used to, or because it’s become too painful. Pain isn’t always where the problem is. It’s important to work with someone who includes all parts of you, and supports you towards shifting how you move and how you live your life so you can experience a greater sense of freedom. When you can tune in to your body’s wisdom you will see your health transform.

4) Manage your health
Yoga therapy helps alleviate symptoms and manage living with chronic conditions through a whole-person approach to healing. Yoga therapy is focused entirely on your needs and we’ll find the best methods to help you manage your symptoms.

5) An Alternative Approach to Healing
Yoga therapy is an evidence-based complementary therapy. It isn’t a substitute for being evaluated and treated by a doctor, physical therapist, or other licensed medical professional. Yoga therapy works beautifully in partnership with other healing modalities. Yoga therapy is unlikely to interact adversely with any medical treatment. Always consult your doctor.

Loreen Keddy is a yoga therapist based in Kentville. She offers movement education through one-on-one and small group workshops and classes.