The LYNNeS to Perform at the Al Whittle Theatre on May 18

The LYNNeS to Perform at the Al Whittle Theatre on May 18

The Grapevine recently had the opportunity to catch up with The LYNNeS (Lynn Miles & Lynne Hanson) and ask them about their musical inspirations and histories:

The Grapevine: What was your childhood or earliest ambition?
Lynne Hanson: I wanted to be a writer. I was a voracious reader as a kid, and the idea of spending all day every day making a living with words seemed like the perfect life.
Lynn Miles: To sing.

GV: What is your favourite song and when did you first hear it?
Lynne Hanson: “Dancing Queen” by ABBA. My mom was a huge fan so I was exposed to them at an early age and this is probably one of my all-time favourite happy songs. Don’t tell anyone I like ABBA though. It’d kill my street cred.
Lynn Miles: “For Sale – A Baby.” My mom used to sing it to me. Saddest song in the world.

GV: How did you get started in the music industry?
Lynne Hanson: I sort of fell into music. I was in a relationship with a fantastic guitar player and I sang harmony and played rhythm guitar in his band. When that all fell apart I started writing my own songs and things just took off from there. But I had never intended to be a songwriter.
Lynn Miles: Industry, what industry? Seriously though, I had a publishing deal in the US and I was signed to Rounder Records (also in the US).

GV: What do you do to prepare for the stage? Are you nervous or comfortable? Has that changed over time?
Lynne Hanson: I don’t tend to be nervous before a show but I do tend to visualize the first song in my head before I head onto the stage. It helps me get into a zone and really focus. I played a lot of competitive sports as a kid so I’m guessing it’s a carryover from that.
Lynn Miles: I love being on stage, it’s my favourite place, so no prep required.

GV: Are there any recent inspirations for your music?
Lynne Hanson: Travelling really inspires me: meeting new people and seeing new things tends to prime the creative pump and ramp up the writing process.
Lynn Miles: The LYNNeS has inspired me, in fact, we’re writing more songs.

GV: How do you incorporate other elements, beyond the music, into the stage performance?
Lynne Hanson: We both like to use our sense of humour to engage the audience, which is probably one of the things I like the most about being in The LYNNeS. I also tend to be pretty active on stage and have been known to climb up on things during the show.
Lynn Miles: I use my sense of humour a fair amount. I also think my own struggles help me to connect with the audience.

GV: Have you ever been to the Annapolis Valley before? Is there anything, in particular, you are excited about seeing or visiting here?
Lynne Hanson: I think the last time I was in the area was 2010 in Berwick so it’s been awhile. I do remember it was gorgeous so I’m looking forward to having a chance to walk around and explore the area.
Lynn Miles: I’ve been many times. The last time I was there, Deep Roots sponsored a writer’s residency for me. It was fantastic. I also like the bookstore in Wolfville.