Family Fun at Festivals

Family Fun at Festivals
By Laura Churchill Duke

From now until the end of summer, you can pretty much guarantee that there will be a community festival happening every weekend in the Valley!

These are great events to attend, as most of them have free activities for kids, and it gets you out exploring towns and villages that you might not have visited before!

At community festivals you might get horse and ox pulls, fireworks, community suppers (a cheap and yummy way to feed the family while supporting a good cause), and parades.

Here are a few tips if you are planning on attending a community festival this summer.

  1. Check Valley Family Fun: these events are listed on the calendar of events at Valley Family Fun. Often there is a link to the festival’s events. Mark the dates off on your calendar for where you’d like to go this summer. The calendar is constantly being updated; is another great place to look.
  2. Check the schedule: once you check the event schedule, you will see what events are most appropriate for your children. Build your day around these. If the kids are happily entertained, it will make life easier for everyone.
  3. Pick a Meeting Spot: although most of the festivals aren’t overly crowded, sometimes there can be a lot of people. Distracted kids can wander off or not keep up. Pick a spot where you will meet if you get separated.
  4. Support charities: most of these festivals are run by charity groups and are raising money for community projects or groups. Try to support them by purchasing food or tickets for activities. It’s how we keep our communities vibrant!

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