Mike Uncorked: See Your Business on the Big Screen with the Retro Blockbusters Summer Film Series

Mike Uncorked: See Your Business on the Big Screen with the Retro Blockbusters Summer Film Series
By Mike Butler

Despite the fluctuating temperatures lately, I promise you folks, summer is on the way! Are you ready for summer in the Valley? Blue skies, bees buzzing, bars and restaurants bustling, wine tourists bussing, and so much more. In between vacations, patio wine time, family gatherings, and that special wedding potentially happening in your life, there’s now the chance to see a classic movie on the big screen with your friends and family! The Whittle’s inaugural Retro Blockbusters Summer Film Series will bring back old memories while creating new ones for a fresh generation of cinema lovers. Think dinner and a movie, family outing, or “date night” to see a great fun film on the BIG SCREEN! Trust me, it makes all the difference!

The plan is to screen a classic movie almost every night between July 22 and August 19, but as a not-for-profit theatre co-op, they need help to put on the show. If they keep the price of admission attractive and inclusive, ticket sales alone simply won’t cover the basic cost of operating the gorgeous 160-seat theatre with its plush chairs, surround sound, and sweet air conditioning. Therefore, they’re looking to team up with valued members of our business community who want to give locals and visitors another reason to visit Wolfville’s downtown this summer.

The Al Whittle wants to help increase the summer community spirit with this series and your sponsorship would help make the series possible. Here are some benefits your business will receive: They will project an ad slide including all sponsor logos before each film, as well as include all sponsor logos on the series poster, and businesses will receive ten complimentary tickets to use for any movie in the series. That’s enough to treat yourself and be able to offer some to your staff, your family or your customers as thanks for their support. What a great deal eh?

So if you’re a business owner or a customer wishing to pass this information onto your favourite business, get in touch by emailing manager@alwhittletheatre.ca Let the Retro Blockbuster Summer Film Series begin and succeed! See you at the movies everyone!!!