Happy Community Project Corn Boil Challenge

Happy Community Project Corn Boil Challenge

The Happy Community Project is always looking for ways to strengthen social connections and belonging. After all, research tells us social connections are the foundation for community well being and resiliency.

On Sunday September 9 from 1 to 5pm at the Avon Heritage Society in Newport, the Happy Community Project is hosting the Corn Boil Challenge. Barry Braun, the founder of the Happy Community Project says “What better way to make a stronger community than a community that plays together.” At the challenge, teams will be competing for the ‘corny’ Kernel Corn Trophy.

“It’s all in fun,” says Braun. “It’s an opportunity for people to come out and participate in doing silly things together. In the process, they have some fun, and make new connections in the community.”

Teams of 4 will compete in six competitions: the corn husking challenge, The three-legged relay race, the corn target shoot, the corn sack race, and the corn obstacle race. There is no great skill required, just the willingness to come out and have a few laughs and support the community.

“This is our first fundraising effort” says Braun. “We have had companies like Swinamer’s Home Building Centre, Pothier Motors, and Cooperators Insurance help us get to this point. But to keep up the work, we need the support of broader members of the community.”

The Happy Community Project was launched by Braun in October 2017. Braun was asking himself “where are my grandchildren going to find their happy place twenty years from now?” His answer: “communities that remember how to do things together have the resiliency to roll with the punches.” Since then, the Happy Community Project has helped and supported initiatives like the Avon Community Farmers Market, Movies in the Park, Makers, Hants West Community Garden, Welcome Newcomers, and the Ellershouse Breakfast. Each of these projects are designed so that people can come and do things together. Braun says “This is how we become a happier community”

Some of the organizations putting in teams at the Corn Boil Challenge are Webb Auto, Lucky Italiano, Brooklyn Bakery, Hoods Auto, New Boundaries, Nelson Monuments, Windsor Home Hardware, Brooklyn Home Hardware Building Centre, Windsor Vision, Flushbuster and OK Tire. Teams pay a small entry fee. There is no charge to the public: they come, cheer, and eat all the corn they want.

“The response from the community has been amazing” says Braun. Scotiabank has played a critical leadership role, people are coming forward to help with the logistics of cooking the corn and managing the games, and companies have donated corn, toilets, and cooking equipment. It’s just like the old days. The community wants to do something and the people show up to do it.”

More info at reshapingourworld.com/corn-boil-challenge