Wolfville Area Food Bank Open House

Wolfville Area Food Bank Open House
By Emily Leeson

On Wednesday, September 19 between 6pm and 8pm, the volunteers at the Wolfville Area Food Bank are opening its doors and inviting the general public to pop in, say hello, enjoy a few refreshments, and get a first-hand look at what exactly the food bank offers.

“It’s an opportunity to talk to the volunteers,” says Mary Carter, one of the food bank organizers. “It’s the first time that we’ve had this sort of event for the general public.”

“We’d like to show that the food bank is a pleasant place to come,” adds volunteer Diana Shelley who has been with the organization since its beginning.

Situated in the basement of the Wolfville Baptist Church at 487 Main Street, the food bank has been in this location for over a decade. Though the Wolfville Area Inter-Church Council had been addressing the issues of hunger and poverty in the area since 1970, the Food Bank it now sponsors was formally initiated in 2007.

The organization assists around 110 families each month, with the help of over 75 regular volunteers and the ongoing, much-needed, and appreciated donations from the community.

This open house event will allow visitors to see exactly how the food bank works. It’s a little peek into a big operation.

Behind the scenes, every day of the week, volunteers each play specific roles in making sure that those in need are able to receive the groceries that help stretch out their budget each month. Donations are received, shopping is carefully planned and done, shelves are stacked, appointments for food bank clients to receive their boxes are booked, the boxes are packed as per the family size needed, fresh items are added on the pick-up day, clients are greeted and helped with their boxes, and then the whole process begins again with each bi-weekly food bank schedule.

During the open house, sample food boxes will be set up, including all but the perishable items, so that visitors can get an idea of what is given out. Volunteers will be on hand to answers questions, and visitors can get a feel for how the registration process works and what extra services the food bank offers, all thanks to the support of the local community.

“We love it when people donate, but it’s also important for those who do to see where their money goes,” says Carter. So whether you give to the food bank, use the food bank, or are just interested in what they do, now is your chance to see one of Wolfville’s greatest community endeavours in action.