News from the Avon River Arts Society

News from the Avon River Arts Society

“The Avon River Arts Society is off to a running start this year and I’m currently making arrangements for our upcoming publication. In the past our arts digest has been more of a newsletter for our organization, which included a directory of our members and ads for local art related events and businesses,” says Tacha Reed, president of the Avon Rivers Arts Society. “It has been a long-term desire of mine to produce a proper arts and culture map for the Avon River area, and now I’m happy to say it is finally happening!”

“We are beyond thrilled to have Marcel Morin taking on the design of this publication,” says Reed. Morin is a cartographer, GIS analysts and graphic designer who has worked in the field of digital mapping and design for the past 27 years. The project is partially funded by West Hants.

“The front will feature a map of the Avon River area, wrapping the shore from Hantsport to Windsor and up and over to Walton. Included on the front will be numbered listings identifying artist studios, galleries, workshops, artist run centres, makerspaces, community markets, small business, museums, community halls, theatres, recreation sites, trails and other culture-related venues and sites,” says Reed.

The reverse will offer space for pop-out maps for cluster areas, a directory of Avon River Arts Society members (organized by medium, including website or email address), and promos for local events, festivals, businesses etc.

“We intend to print a minimum of 10 000 copies,” says Reed. “Approximately 2000 will be distributed during the Saltscapes Expo. 5000 will go out in The Grapevine and the remaining copies will be distributed among members and advertisers and at visitors centres around the province, including the airport.”

Businesses, organizations, and artists interested in getting involved in the map project and having their information promoted on the map can contact Reed at The deadline for bookings has been extended to April 1.