ALADDIN JR.: Disney Classic Being Performed at Evangeline Middle School

ALADDIN JR.: Disney Classic Being Performed at Evangeline Middle School
By Mike Butler

Make way for Prince Ali as Evangeline Middle School in New Minas gears up to perform their musical production of Disney’s Aladdin Jr. Lovers of the animated Disney classic, featuring the unforgettable Robin Williams as the voice of the genie, and the new live-action feature film opening this month starring Will Smith, will be swept away like they’re on a magic carpet ride as the students bring these beloved characters to the stage. You’ll see the adorable Aladdin and his faithful monkey friend Abu, Princess Jasmine and her father the Sultan of Agrabah, and his evil henchman Jafar with his loud sidekick parrot Iago, as well as everyone’s favourite character, the Genie of the Lamp, plus many more.

Aladdin is a poor street rat who always has to stay one jump ahead of the law in order to survive. Soon he meets a disguised Princess Jasmine, who has escaped her palace to see what a normal life feels like and soon, through some twists and turns, Aladdin discovers a magic lamp and an all-powerful genie who can help turn him into a prince and win Jasmine’s hand! But there’s a villain in the wings whose name is Jafar, and he will stop at nothing to keep Aladdin away from “his” princess and the throne of Agrabah.

Filled with catchy music (under the musical direction of EMS teacher Michael Nelson), gorgeous costumes, and the fun energy of the middle school youth, Aladdin Jr. is sure to be a fun-filled adventure for the audience. Directed by yours truly, no stranger to community theatre, this Disney opus has been a labour of love for me and all involved. I love Disney music and I recall seeing the movie back in 1992, long before this cast was even born, so to educate them, direct them, and watch them bring it all to life has been a wonderful experience that I will treasure forever!

Show times are Thursday May 23 and Friday May 24 at 7pm sharp at EMS (Evangeline Middle School) in New Minas, and it’s gonna be a full-blown fun family show filled with music, impressive costumes, smiles, and neat surprises! Tickets are only $5.00 each and there will be a table available with snacks for purchase. Tickets can be purchased at the door, and it’s recommended you call 902-681-4910 to reserve.

Come support these great, talented youngsters as they take you to Agrabah for an adventure you’ll never forget!