Art Spot: Susan Knowling

Art Spot: Susan Knowling

Who: Who am I? I am the watercolour artist whose paintings are the current works on display in the Wolfville Library. You may have seen me hanging around the Wolfville Farmers Market pencil in hand. I draw in coffee shops, parks, parking lots, graveyards, just about anywhere there is an interesting activity or landscape.

What & Where:
I sketch or paint in watercolour and ink for convenience and portability.
My subjects are modest studies of life in and around Wolfville: who is doing
what where? It is the life and activity that attract my eye, and often while I paint
the scene changes. People come and go, a cloud moves across the sun. A truck
might park between me and that shop with the colourful window. So I work
quickly, saving the intention if not the details.

Three years ago I became much bolder in my art practice and challenged myself
to do some work everyday. As a result I’m always looking for new and
interesting subjects.

Why do people sing or write? I draw and paint to capture an idea, a moment, a
place, that I wish to remember. It is worth the effort. And the activity is still as
absorbing as when I first started.

Susan’s paintings are on display at the Wolfville Memorial Library, 21 Elm Avenue, throughout the month of May.