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Wolfville, Acadia, and the Performing Arts By Janet Kirkconnell

Wolfville, Acadia, and the Performing Arts Janet Kirkconnell It is doubtful that any other small town in Canada has as many venues for the performing arts as Wolfville has, chiefly because of the university. The Deep Roots Music Festival profits from this. While its opening concert is in University Hall, most of Deep Roots’ other major concerts are held in Festival Theatre, the old university rink transformed for the Atlantic Theatre Festival into a state-of-the-art theatre (praised this year for its phenomenal acoustics by the Afiara String Quartet). Still bearing the name Festival as a reminder of past glory, it…
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Dinner Out: Devour Food Film Festival is Coming Soon! By Scott Campbell

Dinner Out: Devour Food Film Festival is Coming Soon! Scott Campbell   Next to Christmas… and maybe Thanksgiving… my favourite holiday is The Devour Food Film Festival. This November the sights and smells of amazing movies and delicious dinners will fill the streets of Wolfville as The Devour Food and Film Festival hits the town.    Last Friday night I had the pleasure of participating in one of the first Devour Food Film Festival events of the season – a taste of things to come so to speak. A small group of Film Foodies gathered at Restaurant Le Caveau for…
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Save Cinematopia

Save Cinematopia By Megan Halliburton Six and a half years ago, a dream came true for me. On a frigid January day in 2010, I opened the doors of my very own video store, Cinematopia, in Wolfville. It had been a labour of love getting the place off the ground, with a lot of hard work and a whole lot of help from fellow movie-lovers and local movers and shakers. What had started as an attempt to save Light and Shadow, the grand old institution started by the inimitable Bob Brown in 1989, ended up as the beginning of a…
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