Tidal Bay

Tidal Bay

By N.Neslihan Ivit, M.Sc. Vinifera European Viticulture and Enology

Tidal Bay is the emblematic white wine of Nova Scotia which comes from the vineyards of this province. Only 12 wineries produce Tidal Bay. They ferment the grapes of Nova Scotia, produce it within the standards of the appellation, pass through the quality control of the tasting panel, bottle with love, and pour into your glasses with pride. For three years, these wineries have been coming together to launch their freshly bottled Tidal Bays with a tasty event organized by Wines of Nova Scotia and called 12 Tides.

I, along with many other wine lovers, attended 12 Tides 2017, overlooking the Halifax Harbour, to taste all twelve of the new 2016 vintage of Tidal Bay along with food pairings by local restaurants. I started with the oysters – I love them just natural and they made a great pairing with Tidal Bay’s crispiness. I continued with a taco with fried oysters and a canapé with duck breast, my favourites. The spiciness in them paired beautifully with the touch of sweetness found in Tidal Bay. Finally, I finished with an amuse-bouche of lobster. There were many other delicious dishes to try and to pair with one of the Tidal Bays. These pairings of local food and local wines made me feel the real taste of Nova Scotia.

Finally, just a couple of words about the dynamic atmosphere of the event – it was very enjoyable to be with all the people who are interested in the wine from their region. Attending this kind of gathering is a good way to support the local producers and the rise of the wine sector in the Valley. Moreover, it is fun to come together with people to share opinions about wines of Nova Scotia. If you missed 12 Tides this year, just be sure that you don’t make the same mistake next year!

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