Valley Family Fun: Fun Mocktails for Kids

Valley Family Fun: Fun Mocktails for Kids
By Laura Churchill Duke

When my cousins were little, their mom would buy them sparkling juice, pour it into a wine glass, and they would call it Kid Wine! They felt really grown up. With that in mind, for special occasions, we like to make some fun mocktails for the kids. Here are some of our favourites:

Shirley Temple

Don’t forget this classic drink! Combine a few drops of grenadine with 7-Up! Make sure you add a cherry and umbrella to the top!

Sprinkled Milk

Coat the rim of a glass with frosting. Pour sprinkles onto a small plate. Place the cup upside down into the sprinkles so they stick to the frosting. Fill the cup with chocolate or white milk. Warning: Make sure your kids don’t BITE the glass! My son did this once to a thin parfait glass, and it broke!

Grinch Juice

This one is particularly fun for Christmas. Fill a tall glass with green sherbet and add 7-Up for a float. Alternately, you can use vanilla ice cream and a green-coloured pop like Mountain Dew or lime. We also love candy cane ice cream with 7-Up.

Pinterest is full of other great ideas!