Dinner out: The Library Pub

Dinner Out: The Library Pub

By Scott Campbell

I’ve re-discovered a dining gem. There are lots of great eating establishments in Wolfville but I’ve noticed lately that the Library Pub has been offering some new creative and delicious options on their menu. We popped in on Saturday and were, again, pleasantly surprised with the unique options that were available. I sat down and ordered a Caesar salad. Admittedly, a Caesar salad is not the most adventurous of menu choices, but if a restaurant can manage a really good Caesar salad then I find that often bodes well for the rest of the menu. I wasn’t disappointed. Also featured at our table was tuna tartare. Some people don’t like raw food but this dish may have converted even the most dedicated of cooked food fans. It was perfectly seasoned and fresh and accompanied by generous portions of pita bread and crisps. We also tried the hot and sour chicken soup with egg drops. Again, perfectly seasoned, rich steaming broth, brimming with chunks of veggies, mushrooms, and chicken. Absolutely perfect.

If you find yourself in Wolfville and need a quick bite or would like to settle in for a nice relaxing meal then I’d encourage you to pop into the Library Pub and experience the eclectic and delicious menu. Cheers.

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