Art Spot: Jack Chipman

Art Spot: Jack Chipman

WHO: I am a student at NSCC taking graphic design. I grew up in Wolfville and now am living in Dartmouth. In addition to drawing I also play piano, embroider, and like to cook.

WHAT: My artistic medium is Microsoft Paint. My style came from the program itself. I like the way drawings in Microsoft Paint look.

WHERE: Currently I am going to school but work at the Salvation Army Thrift Store on the side. You can find my work on Instagram.

WHEN:I started drawing in Microsoft Paint in 2018 and that’s when I defined myself as an artist. I usually work on my art at night after class.

WHY: I have always loved creating things. When I draw I always feel calm and at peace. The things that I draw make me happy and I draw what I like. I draw in the Valley because I grew up there.

Jack’s work is on display at the Wolfville Memorial Library throughout the month of February